Friday, February 13, 2009

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After filming had ended, cate joked that she no longer wanted to work with the actor because it was disgusting how in love with angelina he was. These fans are the ones that pay to see her movies. Jay-z song when the money goes has been leaked in full online, appearing on various file sharing websites this week. Button lacked the emotion that gump moved us with. Since pe obama successful landslide electoral college win, i love saying that, his transition team has been accepting donations from obama supporters for all inaugural events.

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I too was disappointed by mccains dalliance with politics which were beneath him and agree that we would not be in the mess were in had it been mccain in 2000 instead of w. which failed to garner nods for best picture, best director or even best screenplay yes, obviously heath ledger was at least nominated. He made rude and uncalled for comments in 2007 about angelina not wanting to be at the ggs and being cold to him. Kate winslet got a nod for best actress for her role in the reader (oddly, she won for best supporting actress at the golden globes, when her character is the focal part of the movieapparently oscar has rectified the error). Well fyi they arent even that hot.

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Of the top 5 grossing movies of all time, titanic won 11 oscars, the dark knight gets one nom, star wars iv wins 7, shrek 2 gets one nom and et wins 4. Just goes to show that screeners can still win you a nomination. The fundamental problem with pitt performance has nothing to do with his work. Notably snubbed in the acting categories were clint eastwood for gran torino, sally hawkins for happy-go-lucky and kristin scott thomas for ive loved you so long. Yet the republicans - most notably the house republicans, who generally hail from strong conservative districts - continue to dig.

Obama constitutional scholar years

All that i can cling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day. Obama is a constitutional scholar, 12 years as a legislator, and 20 years as a community leader. The album focuses on his recent heartbreak after both a long relationship with actress alexis phifer ended, and wests mother died receiving plastic surgery west allegedly paid for. But then for the other 200,000-plus tickets remaining, hold a national lottery open to all who plan on attending. Lawmakers passed the bills dec.

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The show, which has quickly became one of the highest-rated shows on e, gives the audience a glimpse into the lives of the kardashian clan. If obama had stood up and called for such relying heavily on the this isn t about me, it about. We want the obamas to feel that their pieces are uniquely their own. I look and there our boy from vietnam and our daughter from ethiopia, and our girl was born in namibia, and our son is from cambodia, and they re brothers and sisters, man. Though i must say it was a far less emotional forrest gump in my opinion.

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Inquirer fashion writer elizabeth wellington is blogging from washington during the inaugural, at www. I can t tell you how many times i ve sat down, watched a movie, and afterwards said oh man that reminded me of this or that movie. Spread it and take it deep and painfully so that each of you can make a few extra lucrative deals in the coming months. But hey my opinion may be overrated but a vast majority of comments clearly think lotr was a great piece of cinematic art. While i appreciate his optimism, im not entirely convinced theyre going to be able to pull it off.

Kate winslet best supporting actress

I happen to personally (and professionally) know obie wilchcombe and not only does he have the financial resources whereby he doesn t need to extort money from anyone, obie is a smart, sharp man. , kate winslet (best supporting actress - multi-award winner), heath ledger in the dark knight (best supporting actor). Furthermore, ledgers nomination marks the first time a film based on a comic book has received a nomination for a major academy award since 2005, when a history of violence was nominated for best adapted screenplay, and william hurt received a nod for best supporting actor. also, i don t think lebeau knows how not to blitz. Rahman, academy awards, amy adams, angelina jolie, anne hathaway, awards, brad pitt, christopher nolan, clint eastwood, danny boyle, darren aronofsky, david fincher, david hare, dev patel, dustin lance black, eric roth, films, fran, leonardo dicaprio, thomas mccarthy, viola davis, woody allen.